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Falls Assessment & Prevention in the Bristol area

A fall is defined as an event which causes a person to, unintentionally, rest on the ground or other lower level.

Finding you have had several falls?

Do you feel off balance when walking or getting on and off things in home environment?

Not sure what the cause for the falls are?

The National institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines report people aged 65 years and over who have had 2 or more falls in the past 12 months or demonstrate abnormalities of gait or balance should have a multifactorial risk assessment (MFRA) completed.

At TOTAL THERAPIES we offer a MFRA falls assessment. This is an assessment with multiple components that aims to identify a person's risk factors for falling. The more risk factors a person has, the higher their risk of falling.

A multifactorial falls risk assessment may include the following:

• Identification of falls history

• Assessment of gait, balance and mobility, strength and muscle weakness

• Assessment of osteoporosis risk

• Assessment of fracture risk

• Assessment of perceived functional ability and fear relating to falling

• Assessment of visual impairment

• Assessment of cognitive impairment and neurological examination

• Assessment of urinary incontinence

• Assessment of home hazards

• Cardiovascular examination and medication review.

A falls risk assessment is used to find out if you have a low, moderate, or high risk of falling. If the assessment shows you are at an increased risk, we will recommend strategies to prevent falls and reduce the chance of injury.

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