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Occupational Therapy Services

As the basis for all assessments, we will ask you to identify what you want to achieve from Occupational Therapy (OT) in order to determine a person-centred treatment plan, to meet your individual needs. The assessment will commence with obtaining a detailed medical history on your previous and current function.


Often a number of the services/ assessments listed below will be required in order to identify the problem areas for you to create an appropriate treatment plan.

Home/environmental assessment

This assessment will be completed in your home, either in person or via video call.
The assessment will observe how you manage in your home environment, looking at mobility, transfers, access to the property, and how you undertake domestic and personal daily tasks. A treatment programme will then be developed based on your current needs, potentially involving one or more of our services below.

Cognitive assessment

Using standardised assessments such as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) to screen for different cognitive conditions. It assesses different cognitive domains: attention and concentration, executive functions, memory, language, visuoconstructional skills, conceptual thinking, calculations, and orientation.

Postural management seating assessment

Assessment and advice for seating; from riser recliner chairs to specialist tilt in space chairs. We can also assess powered and manual wheelchairs, and scooters.

Major and Minor
Home adaptations

Assessment, advice and recommendations on long term adaptations needed to the home to meet current and progressive needs of your disability. From minor adaptions such as rails, to major adaptations like level access showers, ramps and stairlifts.

Hand Therapy

Rehabilitation of patients with conditions affecting the hands and upper limb. Treatment and advice regarding exercise, preventative care, aids to daily living and ergonomic consultation. I am unfortunately unable to provide hand splinting as a service but can advise on how to access this if required.

Falls assessment
and prevention

This is a Multifactorial Falls risk assessment, to determine the cause(s) or your falls in order to prevent them from occurring again. This involves checking medical history, medications, blood pressure check, mobility, and environmental/ hazard risk assessment.

Physical Rehabilitation

We adopt a functional rehabilitation approach working towards getting you back to your previous baseline, whilst considering how you condition/disability will develop. Involving a combination of compensatory approaches such as equipment provision, and remedial approaches of exercise programmes. We will provide relevant, timely, goal-orientated programmes for you, in your own home - to help you achieve your goals and increase your independence. 

Manual Handling assessment

Assessment, advice and training from basic to complex manual handling assessment, for both private people and or organisation such as care agencies.

Equipment advice
and fitting

Assessment, advice on compensatory equipment, such as bathing aids, with follow up sessions for fitting and safe use.

End of life/
Palliative care

Assessment and management of end-of-life conditions. I have experience of working with people with cancer during my time at Macmillan and treatment of progressive conditions, such as Motor Neurone disease.

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