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Postural Management Seating Assessment

Assessment and advice for seating; from riser recliner chairs to specialist tilt in space chairs. We can also assess powered and manual wheelchairs, and scooters.

A postural management seating assessment is a vital step in improving the quality of life for individuals with mobility challenges. It provides a tailored seating solution that not only addresses their specific needs but also safeguards their health and well-being

Importance of Postural Management Seating Assessments

Postural management seating assessment is an essential aspect of my evaluation process when working with individuals who have postural challenges or disabilities. The goal of this assessment is to identify the most suitable seating system to promote optimal posture, comfort, and functional abilities.

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Postural Management Seating Assessment Process

Here's an overview of how occupational therapists conduct a postural management seating assessment:

  • Client Interview and Medical History

  • Observation of Sitting Posture

  • Physical Assessment

  • Assessment of Postural Control and Stability

  • Pressure Mapping

  • Functional Assessment:

  • Evaluation of Current Seating System

  • Selection of Seating Equipment

  • Customization and Adaptations

  • Education and Training

  • Follow-Up and Reassessment

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