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Manual Handling Assessment

Assessment, advice and training from basic to complex manual handling assessment, for both private people and or organisation such as care agencies.

Importance of Manual Handling Assessment

As an occupational therapist, manual handling assessments involve evaluating a person's ability to safely perform various tasks that require lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling objects.


The assessment aims to identify potential risks and provide recommendations to prevent injuries and promote safe and efficient manual handling techniques. This is particularly important in both healthcare and non-healthcare settings, where manual handling tasks are common.


Manual Handling Assessment

Here are the key steps involved in a Occupational Therapist's manual handling assessment:

  • Client Interview

  • Task Analysis

  • Risk Assessment

  • Body Mechanics and Techniques

  • Assistive Devices and Equipment

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Education and Training

  • Task Modification and Recommendations

  • Ergonomic Considerations

  • Documentation and Follow-Up

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