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Major and Minor
Home Adaptations

Assessment, advice and recommendations on long term adaptations needed to the home to meet current and progressive needs of your disability. From minor adaptions such as rails, to major adaptations like level access showers, ramps and stairlifts.

Importance of Major and Minor
Home Adaptations

As an Occupational therapist, we are involved in assessing and recommending home adaptations to improve the safety, accessibility, and independence of individuals with disabilities or physical limitations. Home adaptations can be categorised as major or minor based on the extent of modifications required.

Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse
Taking a Shower

Major and Minor
Home Adaptations Process

Here's a breakdown of major and minor home adaptations:

Examples of Major Home Adaptations Include:

Ramps, Lifts & Stairlifts

Bathroom, Bedroom & Kitchen Modifications

Widening Doorways

Examples of Minor Home Adaptations Include:

Grab Bars, Handrails & Lever Door Handles

Non-Slip Flooring

Task Lighting

Remote Control Devices

Height-Adjustable Furniture

Modifying Electrical Switches

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