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Physical Rehabilitation

I adopt a functional rehabilitation approach working towards getting you back to your previous baseline, whilst considering how you condition/disability will develop. Involving a combination of compensatory approaches such as equipment provision, and remedial approaches of exercise programmes. We will provide relevant, timely, goal-orientated programmes for you, in your own home - to help you achieve your goals and increase your independence

Importance of Physical Rehabilitation

I play a significant role in physical rehabilitation by helping individuals regain or improve their functional abilities and independence after an injury, illness, or surgery that affects their physical capabilities. Physical rehabilitation focuses on restoring strength, mobility, balance, coordination, and overall physical function

Man on Walker
Yoga Class
Yoga Class

Physical Rehabilitation Process

Here's how I, as an occupational therapist, contribute to physical rehabilitation:

  • Assessment and Goal Setting

  • Designing Individualised Treatment Plans

  • Mobility Training

  • Strength and Endurance Training

  • Balance and Coordination Improvement

  • Pain Management

  • Adaptive Techniques and Assistive Devices

  • Functional Training

  • Education and Home Exercise Programs

  • Monitoring Progress and Adjusting Treatment

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