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Occupational Therapist Home Assessment

This assessment will be completed in your home, either in person or via video call.
The assessment will observe how you manage in your home environment, looking at mobility, transfers, access to the property, and how you undertake domestic and personal daily tasks. A treatment programme will then be developed based on your current needs,

Importance of Home Assessments

As a qualified occupational therapist, I will visit you or your relatives home.

My assessment is a crucial part of the occupational therapy process where I will evaluate the living environment and how it impacts on daily activities and overall functioning.


The main goal of this assessment is to identify any barriers or challenges that may hinder the person's ability to live independently and perform everyday tasks.


Home Assessment Process

  • Assessment of Functional Abilities.

  • Environmental Assessment.

  • Assistive Devices and Equipment.

  • Discussion and Recommendations.

  • Home Modification Recommendations.

  • Collaboration with the Healthcare Team.

By conducting a thorough home assessment, I can develop an individualised treatment plan and interventions to help individuals overcome challenges, maximise their functional abilities, and promote independent living.

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