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Hand Therapy

Rehabilitation of patients with conditions affecting the hands and upper limb. Treatment and advice regarding exercise, preventative care, aids to daily living and ergonomic consultation. I am unfortunately unable to provide hand splinting as a service but can advise on how to access this if required.

Importance of Hand Therapy

I specialise in hand therapy, and therefore I am an expert in the assessment and rehabilitation of conditions affecting the hands, wrists, and upper extremities. Hand therapy focuses on restoring function, improving strength and range of motion, reducing pain, and enhancing fine motor skills in individuals with hand-related injuries, conditions, or post-surgical rehabilitation needs.

Physical Therapy Exercise

Hand Therapy Process

Here's an overview of my hand therapy:

  • Assessment and Evaluation

  • Development of Treatment Plans

  • Therapeutic Interventions

  • Wound Care and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Hand and Upper Extremity Conditions

  • Patient Education

  • Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

Hand therapy is a specialised field that plays a vital role in helping individuals regain hand function, return to daily activities, and enhance their overall quality of life following hand injuries or conditions.

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